Participating in Asian Universities Debating Championship (AUDC)2008 at IIUM

Was that a beautiful lady who was constantly attracting you to get down from the plane and hug her or a huge jewelry shop with infinite number of lights?
Yes, dear readers this was a city with unexplainable beauty which attracted me so much that I just fall in love with her. It was nearly 3.30am at night in Koala Lumpur. I was watching the city from the plane and couldn’t resist myself to explore the city. It was in 13 May 2008, first time ever the biggest contingent of debaters from Bangladesh has participated in Asian Universities Debating Championship (AUDC) 2008, hosted by International Islamic University, Malaysia (IIUM). AUDC is one of the biggest debating championships in Asia where debaters & adjudicators of different universities from different parts of the Asia participate in this championship. AUDC is not only a debate tournament, it is also a part of cultural diversification of the Asians people and I should say, this tournament is a symbol of the Asians unity. And the good news is, Bangladesh got the privilege to host AUDC 2009. Fifteen debaters and nine adjudicators from four different universities (Independent University, Bangladesh, East West University, Chittagong University and Brac University) from Bangladesh have successfully participated in this tournament. This is the first time ever that IUB is participating in AUDC. IUB’s debating club had a great debating history and by sending the largest number of team in the AUDC 2008, it has added a new achievement in its profile. And it has been made possible by the real passionate and the dedicated debaters of IUB. Tanvir vai, Nafis vai, Ipsit, Rafid , Radian and me (Sahmi) was the debaters from IUB. Shaon and Habib vai were participated as adjudicators. The GMG airline sponsored us which ensured the largest number of participation in the AUDC from Bangladesh.


As I was saying, we landed on the Koala Lumpur (KL) airport at around 3:45am. Oooo…. ……I forgot to say one thing. We flew from Bangladesh to Malaysia without any visa. We had very shortages of time that is why we decided to take visa on arrival. And with the blessing of Almighty Allah we didn’t face any problem. We had to wait for some extra hours and had to pay some extra money for on arrival visa. But it was fine. The KL airport is awesome. Outside the airport the IIUM’s volunteers were waiting for us with their bus. They were waiting for the whole night. Then they took us to their university campus. The campus is totally mind-blowing. The university is run by OIC. So, I think you can imagine, “What not they have?”


The IIUM campus is a very friendly place. Students from different parts of the globe are studying there. The Malaysian people are friendly and very much helpful. I found one common thing among them. It is patriotism. From children to elder, all aged people love their county so much which is unexplainable. I think this is the main reason behind the development of Malaysia.


On the first day, I did two mixed up practice debate with the debaters from IIUM and Mahidol University from Thailand. It was really good. Actually I was not familiar with Asian format. So it was a chance to get use to it and I did the proper utilization. By participating those debates I met some wonderful persons from IIUM and Mahidol University.

I learned a lot from them. Their debating style, the case structure and the presenting style is totally different from us. I faced lots of difficulties to understand the speech of Japanese team and from the Chinese team. Even though we lost some debates only for not understanding, what the opposition is saying. My partners had also same problems.


From the second day, the tournament was started. In the first day of the tournament, there were two rounds held. In the second and the third day, three plus three= six rounds were held. After finishing total eight rounds of debate, we were not strong enough to think of something. That time it was really hard to think something and do something but break-party brought some relief for us.

The break night party was nice. It was held inside the university campus. There were some local band and singers performed. The best part of break night party was the artists and the fire spinners. The organizers brought some artists who can give an instant sketch of yours only for 5 Ringet. The fire spinner’s performance was outstanding. It was thrilling, exciting and also interesting.


The next day of break night party was a free day. On that day we went to Genting Island. It sounds like an island on the sea but it’s not that. It is an amusement park on top of the mountain. Retuning from Malaysia without visiting Genting Island will be a worthless trip. It is a really nice place. You are at the top of the mountain, the clouds are passing though you. And on that top of the mountain, there are different rides for the visitors. Those are so interesting and thrilling, it unimaginable. At least you need one day to visit the whole park. Stalin vai, Borsha, Sabeyra , Tausif , Deepita and me had lots of fun there. I was very afraid of Genting’s roller costar. But thanks to Sabeyra for sitting beside me in the roller coaster because she knows what happened to me there.


The quarter finals for both EFL (English as a Forign Langluage) and ESL (English as Second Language) were held on the next day. From Bangladesh East West University and Chittagong University registered in them EFL and the broke for the quarter finals but unfortunately their journey ends there. Still it was a great achievement for them and as well as for Bangladesh. Rest of the teams from Bangladesh has registered in ESL. Mr Rashadul Hassan Stalin (from EWU) was one the Deputy Chief Adjudicators in this AUDC. From Bangladesh East West University bid for AUDC 2009 and EWU won the bid. It is the privilege for Bangladesh and pride for each Bangladeshi that we hosted All Asian Inter-varsities Debating Championship this year and next year we are going to host the biggest Asian debaters gathering, Asian Universities Debating Championship. As EWU promised in their bid, that AUDC 2009 will be the finest and the most amazing tournament in the history of AUDC. They already started working on it and Inshallah, they will make this tournament successful.


The decoration of the final debate stage and the auditorium was really amazing. The drummers and some fake solders were there and it was felling like, you are in some sort of kingdom. Suddenly the drummers stopped playing their drums. Then the finalist debaters were called. They entered the auditorium as heroes. It was amazing and I was thinking….Issshhhhhhh, if was one of them. The finalist teams were Nanyong Technological University (NTU) and Ateneo de Manila. NTU is the champion of AUDC 2008. Their debaters were too good.


After the final round debate we go for the grand dinner. We were invited to the main auditorium of IIUM. Trust me, that auditorium’s size is same as ours China- Bangladesh Friendship center. It was really awesome. The chief guest of that dinner was one of the ministers of Malaysia. He distributed the trophies to the champions, runners up and to the best speakers. Some traditional songs, dance and instrumental music were performed by their local artistes. I enjoyed it very much.

The trip to Malaysia and participating in AUDC 2008 was successful for the Bangladeshi contingent. We debated, we lost few, we won few but we learned a lot. The debate is just a medium of communication, nothing else. It is all about what people think, what they do and how they receive it. It is a cultural diversification and creating awareness among the people that what is going on in the different parts of the world. And only debate can bring people together because at the end of the day, only truth & logic stand.


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  1. debate in malaysia.good experience

  2. debate in kl .nice experience

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  4. just to correct some errors there…it should be Kuala Lumpur not ‘Koala Lumpur’. and its Genting Highland not ‘Genting Island’, thats all thank you.. ~& best wishes from malaysia

    • Sorry it was my mistake. thanks to you for correcting me and reading for my blog.


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