Debate at Chittagong University

I was a bit nervous when I heard from Mabroor bhai that I had to participate in a Bangla debate in Chittagong University debate festival. It was on 10th December at 11pm that Mabroor bhai (from Islamic University of Technology), Sinha (from North South University), Jovan (from Peoples University of Bangladesh) and I (from Independent University, Bangladesh) started our journey from Dhaka to Chittagong by bus to attend CUDS’s (Chittagong University Debating Society) debate festival. We reached Chittagong very early in the morning and received a very warm welcome from CUDS. After having breakfast in the hotel I got really nervous as this would be the first time in my life that I was going to debate and I didn’t even know the basics. Mabroor bhai and Sinha as usual were continuously talking about debate. These two are among the best debaters in Bangladesh.

The debate festival was held in Muslim Institute. We went to the venue around 11am.There I met Hemal bhai (General Secretary, CUDS) and he told me that we would be taking part in not only one but two sessions, the first on (11th December) and the second on (12th December)”. Then Hemal bhai introduced me with my partners. One of them was from USTC (University of Science and Technology, Chittagong) and the other one from CUET (Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology). My partners briefed me well and we geared ourselves up for the big moment. It was a teacher verses student debate. Luckily we did very well in that one.

The next morning I met Rishad from IUT in my hotel room. He is also a good debater. My second debate format was three dimensional (3D). In 3D format there are three teams; first team does the thesis on the topic, the second team does the anti thesis and the third team performs the synthesis. I was on the anti thesis team and my partner was Sinha. The debate was good and it was fun.

Just after my second debate Mabroor bhai told me,” Listen Sahmi, we are short of English debaters, so you have to debate with us and the debate will be in world’s format.” I became too nervous and my English debate was not that good. But I got the true taste of debate. It is really interesting and very much enjoyable. Debate not only enriches one’s knowledge, it also makes people confidant and helps to figure out the logic.