Am I getting tooo old……

I am 23 today. From last 4 years i didn’t get any time to celebrate my birthday. Today, the same case
happend as usual. I started getting lots of wishes on
facebook from last night and lots of sms’s as well.
My 23rd birthday, i celebrated as below……..
Woke up at 11am, had breakfast and went to uni fro group study. Because the BUS 485 (Business Research)
exam is comming but i didn’t read a single line.
This is a common scenario, nothing exceptional.
In the uni, i was studying with Hamim, suddenly
Abir, Fuad, Moshi, Joy, in total 8 people, they surrounded me and was asking for a treat. Seriously, it was such a shock. I was never prepare for that. They were charging me for treating them. After their all request, we
all togather went to Fakruddin, had lanch and back to IUB for group study. Then at 5.00m me and abir went to office. Working till mid-night. May Mabroor vai, Khala and Mubarrat is waiting for me with a cake to celebrate.
Basically thiis is the way I, Mabroor vai, Khala and
Mubarrat celebrate our birthday. On the othe side
my mom is waiting for since 2005 to celebrate my birthday. From that year on every birthday she called me wished me and cry everytime. That always makes me sad.
Sometimes it makes me think that, what the hell ami i doing?? I should be with my family. But again, i am thinking we all are running for a better life, better
carrer, for a better life style. So only thing we should do is “secrifice”. This is how the tarriable life begans, may like this one day it.


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  1. Sami vai it was really great .. really emotional … pls include your BOM experience in your blog

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